About us

Maid in Sweden offers domestic services performed by competent, professional and service minded staff, in Stockholm city and its vicinity. For us it´s very important that you receive top quality service. We always match your needs with our employees’ experience and then dedicate one maid just for you.

Maid in Sweden can help with cleaning, shopping, care of clothes and shoes, preparation of meals, errands, gardening, and other household tasks. Naturally these tasks can vary from one week to another, if you so wish.

Our staff speak other languages than Swedish or English, for example Spanish and Portuguese. The service is provided on a full or part time basis, according to your specific needs, by subscription only, and we have established procedures for quality control.

We always book a free home visit with our new costumers where we discuss your special requests, procedures and the estimated time it will take us to deliver the requested services.

Call our office at 08-410 031 05 to book a cost free home visit or contact us by e-mail: info@maidinsweden.se